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RISE in support for EU membership in Scotland

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A rerun of the EU referendum in Scotland would see 65% of people voting to stay in Europe, according to a new poll in today’s Times – an increase upon the overwhelming result in June, where 62% of Scots voted Remain.

With support for Scotland’s continuing EU membership on the rise, it is fast becoming clear that Tory attempts to sell a hard Brexit, with the UK out of the single market, are failing badly – with more and more people rallying behind the SNP’s plan to secure Scotland’s place in Europe.

The figures also reveal strong support for the SNP throughout Scotland – with the party likely to equal the number of MSPs elected in May if a Holyrood vote was held today. Such strong continuing support shows that people continue to put their trust in the SNP to deliver for Scotland and in Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister.

Nicola Sturgeon’s approval ratings continue to ride high after two years in office, with half of those polled concluding she is doing a good job as leader – more than both Tory Ruth Davidson and Labour’s Kezia Dugdale.

Commenting, SNP Business Convenor Derek Mackay MSP said:

“It’s very clear what people in Scotland want – and that is a government which will stand up for Scotland and work to protect our place in Europe.

“This poll shows continued strong support for the SNP, with nearly 50% backing in Scottish Parliament constituencies, nine years into government. This is a very powerful endorsement of the party’s record in office and of Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership as First Minister – who more people think is doing a good job than any of the other party leaders at Holyrood.

“It’s clear that people in Scotland want to leave the EU even less than they did in June when the result was an overwhelming vote to Remain. People are rallying around the SNP’s commitment to protect Scotland’s place in Europe – they don’t want to see us taken out against our will by the Tories.

“The SNP Government is pursuing all avenues to protect our place in Europe, in the face of a looming Tory hard Brexit which threatens jobs and livelihoods, and that includes the option of independence if it becomes clear it is the best or only way of doing so.”



Party ratings:
Holyrood constituency – SNP 48%, Tory 25%, Labour 15%
Holyrood regional – SNP 39%, Tory 24%, Labour 14%
Seats projection – SNP 63, Tories 32, Labour 17, Greens 12 and Lib Dems 5

Leader approval ratings (total “doing well”):
Sturgeon 50%
Davidson 49%
Dugdale 23%

Rerun of EU Referendum in Scotland would see 65% for Remain, 35% for Leave.

Polling done by YouGov, Nov 24-29, sample size was 1,134

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