Tuesday, 27 October 2015 10:32

Argyll and Bute cuts

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Tory cuts will hurt Argyll and Bute families hard and fast
The Tories proposed changes to the tax credits system in Argyll and Bute look set to impact on potentially 29% of all children in this constituency if the data provided by the Children’s Society proves accurate.

This is an appalling assault on the children in our area, with approximately 2,800 families and 5,200 children set to suffer at the hands of George Osborne and the cruellest targeting of working families we have seen for many years.

Of course, any change to the minimum wage is welcomed but the devastation of the proposed cuts comes far earlier than any benefit is likely to be seen for those already struggling on the minimum wage, the fullest benefit not likely to be seen until 2020, four years after these cuts. Once again we see the Tories exploiting our most vulnerable too far and too fast.

Let’s also not forget these changes will also impact on families with more than two children, with child tax credit being withdrawn for child 3 or 4, resulting in a staggering loss of £2,780 per child, per year. So much for making ‘work pay’. It is already the case that poverty is more prevalent in working families (62%), these proposed changes will only exacerbate the problem.

Argyll and Bute not only has greater geographic obstacles not just to the rest of Scotland but very much the rest of the UK, the average wage here is already £40 (nearly 10%) less than the Scottish and UK average. Changes to tax credits to families across this area, will bring disproportionate hardship when families are already disadvantaged through lower incomes.

But bear in mind, cuts to tax credits will not just impact on those vulnerable families and children, they will also impact on local businesses, as the belt is tightened, spending reduces, these cuts will have far reaching repercussions across our communities.