Wednesday, 03 May 2017 10:54


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Tax rises and more cuts can be expected under a Tory government according to independent research.

SNP Westminster Economy spokesperson Stewart Hosie said the latest Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) report is further proof that the Tory austerity agenda has failed, with low income households being hit the hardest - and the country faces uncertainty by the UK leaving the European Union and Theresa May's pursuit of a hard Brexit.

The report suggests that an additional burden of £15 billion of either tax rises or spending cuts will be needed in the next parliament to eliminate the UK’s deficit by 2022 as they have promised.

Stewart Hosie said:

"Under another Tory government, the public can only expect more cuts.

"This report is proof that the Tory austerity agenda has failed, damaging economic growth and causing pain for the vulnerable and those on low incomes.

"If there was ever a wake up call not to cut too far and too fast to meet arbitrary targets, this is it - however this may be the tip of the iceberg in the event of a hard Tory Brexit.

“With Treasury research showing Brexit will make the UK “permanently poorer” - it is clear that a vote for the Tories is a vote for more cuts to public services, to economic investment and to social security.

"The SNP is the only alternative to the Tories. This report shows the choice for Scotland is clear: SNP MPs that will oppose Tory cuts and stand up for Scotland, or five more years of damaging Tory austerity."